Avoid These Mistakes With Your Custom Home Building Marketing

Welcome back to another live breakdown of a marketing strategy, where we dissect the efforts of a service business. Today’s focus is on Grand Design Build, a custom home building company in Toronto. The reason for selecting this company for scrutiny is their failure to show up for a scheduled call – a lack of respect that triggers a tradition of conducting a live teardown of their marketing strategy. While this is specific to Grand Design Build, the lessons learned can be valuable for any service business looking to improve its marketing approach.


Design and User Experience:

The first critique centers around the website’s black-and-white design, which the reviewer finds unappealing and challenging to read. A personal taste issue, but it raises the importance of considering aesthetics in web design. The absence of a video on the homepage is highlighted as a missed opportunity, especially for a business dealing with high-value custom homes.

Website Structure:

The website lacks structure and seems disorganized. Clicking on certain elements reveals non-functional links, suggesting potential issues with navigation and user experience. The absence of a clear content hierarchy and internal linking is flagged as a significant drawback.

Content and Engagement:

The absence of a video showcasing the company’s work, client testimonials, and before-and-after visuals is deemed a substantial oversight. The reviewer stresses the importance of using multimedia content to engage visitors and convey the brand’s expertise.

Social Media Presence:

A quick exploration of Grand Design Build’s Facebook page reveals somewhat regular updates but no visible advertising efforts. The absence of Google and meta ads is criticized, given the company’s premium services. The reviewer suggests a lack of effort in maintaining the social media profiles and underlines the importance of active engagement and storytelling.

Online Reviews and SEO:

With only five reviews, the company’s online presence is considered lacking. Poorly crafted responses to reviews are highlighted, emphasizing the importance of effective customer engagement for SEO benefits. The absence of categories, products, and updates on their Google Business profile is seen as a missed opportunity.

In conclusion, the breakdown emphasizes the significance of respecting time commitments, as failure to show up for a scheduled call resulted in the loss of an opportunity to work with the reviewing team. The broader lesson for service businesses is to take marketing seriously, invest in a well-structured website, engage in active social media management, and leverage multimedia content to showcase expertise. The message is clear: understanding and implementing effective marketing strategies can be transformative for a service business’s growth.

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