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This Landscaping Business Owner Now Generates Too Many Leads Thanks To LSM

On this episode of The Local Service Mastery podcast, I’m interviewing Siavosh Noruziaan, founder and CEO of Empire Deck & Interlock, an award-winning construction company from Ottawa, Canada, and a student of mine at our Local Service Mastery program, to share about his experience working with LSM and the impact it had on his business.

SEO for Locksmith (Raz Testimonial of the LSM program)

Raz has a successful locksmith business in Vancouver, CA.

Realizing he needed to master lead generation to grow his business beyond relying on contractors, he joined Local Service Mastery. Now, his Google Business Profile ranks at the top organically, his Google Ads boast a 29% conversion rate, and he envisions expanding his locksmith company to a $10M/year business.

Building a $100 Million Locksmith Business | Mike Medved Client Interview

In this video, I interviewed Mike Medved, one of my students. He shares his personal story, which is as remarkable, exciting, and empowering as his business. Mike is building a $100M locksmith business.

Garage Door Service Bustiness Owners Testimonial of The LSM Program

When Yam and Merav joined LSM, they were struggling to generate leads for their Garage Door Service business. Now they are not only equipped with the tools and understanding of how to generate leads and how the marketing game works, but have a much bigger vision for themselves and are working on building an 8-Figure Service company.

Client Interview: Elinor's Success Story - From Referrals to a 35% Conversion Rate Using Google Ads

In this video, I interviewed Elinor Miller, one of my graduate student, whos also a life coach and own locksmith company as she share his personal success story through the program, who’s as remarkable, exciting and empowering as her business.

Helping Denis Scale A Cleaning Business Into An 8-Figure Company

When Denis joined Local Service Mastery, he was still working with marketing agencies focused only on their fees. Now, he has an in-house marketing team, ranks at the top on Google, and believes the skills from LSM will help him grow his cleaning business to $100M.

Who is Lior Vaknin?

My name is Lior Vaknin, and I’ve been a business coach and marketer for 13+ years. 

Over the last few years, I’ve helped hundreds of local service business owners and contractors generate tens of millions of dollars by mastering lead generation and generating their own leads using our Local Service Mastery Program. 

My mission is empower every business owner in the world by helping them become self reliant and not having to trust anyone else for the success of their business.

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