This roofing company is making 1 HUGE mistake with their marketing

Hey, what’s going on, everyone? Welcome back to another live breakdown of a service business. Today, we’re diving into the marketing strategy of Equinox Roofing, a company that booked a call with us but failed to show up. Since they missed out, we’re taking this opportunity to analyze their marketing approach, pointing out both strengths and weaknesses for everyone to learn from. Let’s jump right into it.


Website Overview:

Equinox Roofing’s website is impressively clean and user-friendly, featuring an authentic video with their team. However, there are a few areas that need improvement. The “Get Free Estimate” option should ideally be directly on the homepage without redirecting to another page. Additionally, a prominent “Call Now” button should be placed beside it for immediate action. The service area pages could benefit from a design similar to the homepage, making them more intuitive and engaging.

SEO and Content Strategy:

While Equinox Roofing’s website is well-built on WordPress and integrates Google reviews effectively, the lack of blog posts on their Google Business Profile is a missed opportunity. Regularly updating the profile with valuable content is crucial for SEO. Moreover, the absence of responses to Google reviews can negatively impact their SEO efforts.

Service Pages:

Service pages should resemble the homepage design, offering an intuitive user experience. Currently, Equinox Roofing’s service pages lean more towards traditional SEO tactics with meta tags and various headings. The focus should be on a seamless design with compelling content, along with the inclusion of videos for better engagement.

Google Ads and Social Media:

Analyzing their Google Ads reveals a reliance on basic ad formats without utilizing video ads. Running Facebook ads directly to landing pages might not be the best approach for a service business. Using Facebook lead forms or messenger ads can enhance user experience and capture leads more efficiently. The lack of content diversity in their posts is also a concern.

In conclusion, Equinox Roofing has a strong foundation in its website design and integration of Google reviews. However, there’s room for improvement in user experience, content strategy, and ad formats. Service businesses must focus on mastering their own lead generation to avoid unnecessary expenses on marketing agencies without a clear understanding of their strategies.

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