Home Improvement Marketing is Failing? Here’s How to Fix it!

Hey, what’s going on, guys? Today, I want to dive into a live teardown of a company’s marketing efforts. Why? Because they booked a call with our sales team, didn’t show up, and now we’re turning it into a learning experience for you. So, let’s jump into it and see what this company, King Dom CR 316, is doing wrong and what you can learn from it.

1. Lack of Keyword Focus:
The first thing that caught my eye is their homepage title: “Home. Kingdom Construction.” Sure, it’s great to have the brand name in the title, but where’s the focus on a main keyword that people are actually searching for? Checking the View Page Source, I noticed they don’t even have a description for their homepage – not a good start.

2. Outdated Menu Bar:
The menu bar looks outdated, and it’s unclear whether the images or videos are genuine or stock. The slogan “You dream it, we build it” is too generic. Visitors need to know who you are, your location, and what sets you apart right from the homepage.

3. Ineffective Contact Us Section:
Why direct people to a contact form instead of a “Call Now” button? Every additional click risks losing potential customers. Also, the “View Our” section is not clickable – a missed opportunity.

4. Dubious Team Imagery:
The images of their team look suspect, possibly stock photos. Transparency is crucial in building trust, and authenticity matters in the competitive home improvement market.

5. Website Platform and Services Structure:
The website is not built on WordPress, a common and reliable platform. Moreover, all services are crammed onto one page instead of having dedicated pages for residential, remodeling, commercial, etc. Each service deserves its own landing page, targeted to a specific location.

6. Brand Inconsistency:
The company seems to have multiple names – Kingdom Construction, KCR Construction and Restoration Inc., and even DNM Contracting on Facebook. Inconsistency across platforms can confuse and erode trust.

7. Lack of Advertising Presence:
Checking Google Ads and meta ads library, it seems they are not running any advertising campaigns. In today’s digital age, a solid online presence is essential for business success.

8. Confusing Brand Identity:
The company’s name varies across platforms, adding to the confusion. A unified brand identity is crucial for credibility.

In conclusion, if you’re in the home improvement space, make sure your marketing efforts are well-structured. Own your brand across all platforms, ensure consistency, and respect others’ time as you expect them to respect yours. If you want to learn more about generating leads for your home service business, check out our program “Local Service Mastery” in the description below.

I hope you found this breakdown insightful. For more valuable information on growing your service business without relying on marketing agencies, hit the like button, subscribe, and explore my YouTube channel. Stay tuned for the next one. Peace!


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