How To Know If Your Social Media Marketing Agency Is Worth It

Are you uncertain whether your social media marketing agency is delivering the results you deserve? In this blog post, we’ll explore a recent real-life experience that exposes the common pitfalls of marketing agencies and offers a simple method to determine if your investment is worthwhile.

The $500 Weekly Management Dilemma: Our journey begins with a landscaping business owner still paying $500 weekly for marketing management. A major concern arises as we discover that the client has no insight into the ads being run on their behalf, creating complications for future decisions.

The Solution: Meta Ad Library: To evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, we introduce the Meta Ad Library (formerly Facebook Ads Library). By logging in and entering your business details, you can uncover the ads being run on your account.

Revealing the Ads: We demonstrate the process with a hypothetical business, showing that searching for your business name can unveil the variety and quality of ads being run. By filtering for active ads, you can quickly assess the value of the services you’re receiving.

The Revelation: The shocking reality often reveals marketing agencies running only a handful of basic ads. This lack of effort and creativity prompts questions about the value of the services, especially when hefty monthly fees are involved.

Taking Action: We encourage service business owners to take control of their marketing. Instead of paying for minimal effort, consider learning the basics yourself. The blog post ends with an invitation to explore a program that empowers business owners to navigate digital marketing independently.

Closing: For those frustrated with their marketing agency experiences, the description includes a link to book a call. Take charge of your marketing destiny and explore steps for self-managed advertising.

Remember, it’s your business, and understanding the basics of your marketing efforts is key to ensuring success.


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