How I Handle Refund Request for My Online Coaching Business

In this blog post, I’m going to take you behind the scenes of a recent onboarding experience in my coaching program. I want to share the nitty-gritty details of handling a refund request and the decisions that go into managing such situations. So, buckle up for an inside look at the coaching business.

First off, a quick intro – I’m Lior Vaknin, running a coaching program that helps home service business owners and contractors master lead generation. When I started this journey, there were plenty of missing pieces, and today, I’m here to fill in some gaps for fellow coaches and mentors.

The Onboarding Experience:
Let’s dive into a recent onboarding session. I had a client who opted for a split payment plan. We scheduled our onboarding call, but there was a no-show. We rescheduled, had the call the next day, and now I want to walk you through the entire conversation to shed light on how to handle these situations effectively.

The Client’s Concerns:
The client expresses concerns about the significant investment and financial constraints, especially during a slower period for his business. He acknowledges the value of the program but struggles with the financial commitment.

My Response:
I reassure the client, emphasizing that the program is an investment in personal and business growth. I present three options: a full refund, proceeding with the program, or putting it on hold for a month. It’s about addressing the client’s concerns while emphasizing commitment.

Addressing Financial Concerns:
Understanding the financial constraints, I stress that the program equips participants with skills to generate leads independently, ultimately impacting their business’s revenue positively.

Options Presented:
I outline three clear options for the client: a full refund, immediate enrollment, or a one-month postponement. Commitment is key, and I make that crystal clear.

The Client’s Decision:
The client requests a 24-hour period to decide. I grant the time, emphasizing the need for commitment for optimal results.

As we wrap up, I express my desire for committed participants in the coaching program. The blog post concludes with a message of encouragement and a promise to keep readers posted on the client’s decision.

This candid sharing of a coaching session provides insights into the challenges coaches face when handling refund requests. I hope this post serves as a guide for fellow coaches, offering transparency into client interactions and decision-making processes in the coaching business.

I hope you found this guide helpful.  Stay tuned for more informative content like this in the future.

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